Sure, we’re a paint business—but there’s more that goes into powder coating and metal coating than simply applying the paint. We care about our customers and the products that are important to their businesses, which is why we provide a wide range of services and capabilities that can add value to your project.


Metal Colors

From our wide range of powder colors already in stock and our ability to quickly order custom colors from our suppliers to an unlimited colors of finishes and textures, we are able to meet the needs of your project.


Out of the Blue welcomes all types of projects—including metal coating vehicles, bikes, ATV’s, indoor and outdoor furniture, and more. To take a look at the types of projects we specialize in, head to our Industries & Applications page


Out of the Blue’s production powder coating line has many great features. Our 8-stage washer has laser scale removal in its first stage which will save you from having to clean this edge prior to powder coating. We have a small volume manual booth, and a reclaim booth with automatic guns. This allows us to adapt to all types of customers, from small lots, to the large volume production runs. The parts run through our line with an automated conveyor capable of running from 2 feet per minute to 14 feet per minute. Our standard product opening is 3’ wide x 4’ tall x 6’ long. This line is also capable of running parts up to 1’ wide x 4’ tall x 10’ long.

Out of the Blue utilizes continuous load bars, racking, frames, and beams to run your product in the most efficient way possible. This allows us to be competitively priced, and reduces lead times.


Some projects will require more masking than others—to protect certain areas of the metal, to make sure metal pieces will fit together (especially those with tight tolerances) or for design elements like logos or contrasting colors. No matter the type of masking, we’re able to tackle both standard and custom masking.


As a value-added service we can remove the finish from already-coated metal parts if needed, creating a “clean slate” for recoating parts via outsourced burn-off or sand blasting.


Kitting & Assembly

After we’ve painted your products, we’re able to assist with kitting and assembly of any items into ready-to-ship sets or kits. In addition to the kitting services, we can also use our storage to ship these items to you at a later date in conjunction with your facility’s lean manufacturing practices. Pre-assembling kits, especially after the coating, can save your company time and money.


If you’re in the lean manufacturing space, Out of the Blue can help you by aligning with your facility’s kanban system. If you place a blanket order which contains multiple delivery dates over a period of time, we will work with you on predetermined pricing, and will store and ship it to you right when you need it.

Graphics/Part Decorating

A high-quality, durable alternative to screen printing or decaling, we use TAG Technologies, an ink transfer technology, to apply graphics to your products. With TAG, lettering is created, soaked in solvent, and applied to your materials in a process that permanently bonds graphics to parts. The result is a “screen printing” that’s more durable and more cost-effective than regular screen printing. This technology is ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications.


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