Our primary goal is to make sure that the metal given to us for a specific project be as “powder coat friendly” as it can be—and for that reason, we asking for your help. Below is a list of useful information we’ve put together to make sure your metal powder coating project goes off without a hitch.


The more well-labeled the parts of your job are, the easier it will be to expedite your project. When shipping or dropping off pre-determined projects at Out of the Blue, please take a moment to label with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name of company
  • Description of parts to be painted (quantity, color, etc.)
  • Any special instructions


Out of the Blue commits to doing everything to make sure damage to your products and projects are kept to a minimum when we store or ship your materials back to you—and for that reason, we ask that you try to keep damage to a minimum with the use of optimal packaging and containers. If we can, we try to reuse packaging materials that are sent to us initially, so it’s important that the packaging provides protection at all stages of the project.

Debris & Marking

Any material to be coated needs to be as clean as possible. While we do have burn-off and sandblasting at our disposal for old paint and build-up, new products should be free of tape, ink marks, and debris from packaging. It’s especially important when dealing with lighter paint—any inks, lettering, or old graphics can potentially show through the paint.

Additional Considerations

In addition to any debris that can occur with packaging or shipping, it’s also important to inspect products before shipment for things like splatter from welds, oxidation or rust, and corrosion. Our pre-treatment processes can’t account for these types of issues, and they can adversely affect the final product.


Contact us to get your questions answered or let’s get into the details about the specific guidelines for your project.